I 1st heard of this web site from a referral on BTCClock.io

The web site seemed legit, but the payouts seemed extradonary. There is not a lot of secondary confirmations of the web site's legitamacy.

I started with their Plan 1 with an investment of $220. They correctly awarded me a balance of $270ish the next day. I tested the withdraw of this money and it worked. So I proceeded to put $700 into their plan 3. After 26 hours I was not awarded the new balance.

At this time the real time customer service representative was taking inquiries. She said Plan 3 was reset.

I went to sleep and when I awoke the award was correctly identified, so I proceeded to intiate a withdraw of all available funds. The withdraw remained pending for over 12 hours. Then all customer support with the web site stopped.

I copied everything I can from the web site and those are files we have in this directly for your review.

I have all the screen shots from my account.

After I got this information I asked one more time for execution of withdraw or I go public. Then my account was terminated and I can not log into www.london-invest.biz any longer.

Please spread the word that web site is a scam. Review the template used and beware of any new version popping up.